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Successful Manager

Manager and Leadership Development

Based on the organizational needs and strategies, we sequence a series of modules that align with and bring to life these strategies for Managers and Leaders. Spaced out for more effective learning, each module is half a day or 90 minutes, depending on the topic and organizational needs. All learning is based on experiential activities and direct application to participants’ roles and functions. All modules can be run face-to-face or virtually.

Design and delivery, with a network of highly skilled facilitators across Asia Pacific for scalability.



Happy Businessman

Peak Performance

Client Introduced New Performance Management Approach

Modules Implemented:

Sculpting a Motivational Environment

Coaching for High Performance

Identifying Priorities & Setting Goals

Giving Actionable Feedback

Good People Skills

Planning Performance Discussions


Top View of Modern Workspace

Turning a New Page

Client Reorganization

Modules Implemented:

Big Thinking

Inspire & Motivate

Challenging Messages

Managing Myself Through Change

Sculpting a Motivational Environment

Engaging People


Creatives Discussing Project

Becoming Unified

Client Wanted More Unity and Collaboration across the APAC Region

Modules Implemented:

Beyond Bias

Knowing Each Other in Dialogue

Collaborative Solutions

Building Team Pride & Purpose

Leading High Performance Teams & a Winning Culture

Engaging People

Testimonials from Participants

“It’s so interactive you can’t do anything else.”

Manager, Tech Company

“Short, concise and straight to the point. A very effective and practical session... Pragmatic!”

Manager, FMCG

“The breakout groups were good opportunities to connect with other Managers we don’t always get to work with. Sharing different perspectives. Learning from

Manager, Financial Services

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