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"Go Big!"

For offsites and conferences, we design and deliver a full on immersive session for large groups, delivered by Grant 'Upbeat' Bosnick, our founder.

  • High energy, high impact - the session is ramped up, and we “go big!” to immediately get participants involved and immersed in the session

  • Interactive, engaging, experiential - engaging participants in real time to feel and experience the pain points and how to make it better

  • Relevant, timely, insightful - applying the content for their own real issue/challenge; uncovering insights to apply for the rest of the offsite


Businessman Thinking

Manufacturing Industry

Client’s strategy offsite for Country Managers and Function Heads

“Go Big!” Delivered:

Upbeat® Thinking

  • Focuses on what holds us back, and how to open our minds to more creative thinking.

  • Client then applied this to their strategy with great success.


Go Team

Retail Industry

Client’s South East Asia regional sales conference for Country Managers, Store Managers and Function Heads

“Go Big!” Delivered:

Inspire & Motivate

  • Focuses on what motivation is, and how leaders can inspire their team members to motivate themselves.

  • Client then applied this to boost sales across the region


Digital Mind

Financial Industry

Client’s strategy offsite (focused around digital transformation), for Directors and Executives

“Go Big!” Delivered:

Change Agility

  • Focuses on the threats and rewards of change, and practical ways to be more resilient and agile.

  • Client then applied this to their strategy for smooth transition.

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