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What We Do

Bring Vision to Life for Organizations and Leaders

Using design thinking and a future-back approach, we co-create bespoke people solutions tailored to the client’s organizational needs and strategic initiatives, weaving and integrating the client’s own competency models and organizational processes into the solutions.

Results are measured effectively to ensure objectives have been met, to ensure execution and transfer of learning and people strategy, and deepen the alignment with business initiatives and organizational needs.

People Strategy Solutions

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Brainstorm Team Meeting

Case 1 Example:

Cultural Transformation:

C-Suite Team Coaching

The Challenge: There had been a lot of innovation, but a lack of execution and accountability. Also, on the engagement survey, “Growing People” scored lowest of the Leadership Competencies. There was a need, therefore, for the Leadership Team, and all Leaders, to be more authentic, have the courage to speak up, take action to achieve results and execute excellence, for themselves and for their teams, and to grow their people for higher performance.

The Solution:

  • Over the course of a year, we focused around authentic leadership and building trust horizontally

  • Demonstrating top level collaboration to create a culture of trust and collaboration that then cascaded down and across the organization

  • We then developed C-Suite’s coaching skills to coach their direct reports to bring this cultural transformation to life

Case 2 Example:

Large Scale Rollout for

1,000 Leaders across APAC

The Challenge: There was a struggle to develop the talent (5,000 employees) in Asia Pacific because they were not future-ready to take on bigger stretch assignments. There was a need, therefore, to embed an inclusive and growth mindset culture, and for Leaders to shift their mindsets to be more open and receptive, understand their team members' gaps and develop their own employees.

The Solution:

  • We co-created 2 programs on Inclusive Mindsets and Performance Coaching

  • The purpose was to equip Leaders to develop their own employees to be future-ready to take on bigger stretch assignments 

  • We then upskilled the client's internal resources to deliver these programs and supported them throughout the whole intervention

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