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Our clients are multinational Fortune 500 and FTSE 100 corporations in the financial services, tech, engineering, retail, pharmaceutical and energy industries. We also work with selected SMEs and start ups as they are growing and expanding.

Testimonials for People Strategy Consulting

“I liked that we walked away with a commitment to ourselves on how we can improve our engagement, which I think is crucial for leaders to always keep in mind.”

Director Human Resources, Luxury Brand

“The coach did a fabulous facilitation on leadership behaviours. I learnt a lot during the sessions and was impressed with his energy and delivery style."

Head of People Development, Financial Services

Testimonials for Manager
and Leadership Development

“It’s so interactive you can’t do anything else.”

Manager, Tech Company

“Short, concise and straight to the point. A very effective and practical session... Pragmatic!"

Manager, FMCG

“The breakout groups were good opportunities to connect with other Managers we don’t always get to work with. Sharing different perspectives. Learning from

Manager, Financial Services

Testimonials for Executive Coaching

“I would like to say “thank you” Grant for these outstanding EC (Executive Coaching) sessions. It has been an honor to participate in your EC sessions. Also I really enjoyed this valuable experience. At the beginningof this course, I did not realize how much this coaching will impact me. As time passed, I started having “A‐HA” moments in daily business. Insights, through discussions with Grant during the EC sessions, stay deeply in myself and create “A-HA” moments. What I have learned from these coaching sessions suddenly pops up and gives me hints and ideas to be a better manager. Even though the sessions are ended, the learning from this Executive Coaching will last and keep creating “A‐HA” moments in me in the future as well.”

Senior Vice President of Marketing, Pharmaceutical Industry

“First, let me say that the coaching sessions with my coach have not only been enjoyable, but also have changed my life in a way that has already shown tangible returns to our organization. Thank you. Your energy, respect and humility makes your sessions easy to think and easy to learn from, even when discussing a critique of current practices. I have come to understand more clearly that there is no “perfect” management method; that the best one can do is to try to avoid major mistakes. And that the best way to do that is to: 1. always maintain one’s composure; 2. ask questions, and more questions and yet more questions; and 3. truly listen to the answers. Employment of these practices has provided 3 of the most fulfilling meetings I have ever experienced in my adult career, in just this past week, each of which I believe will have a significant and tangible positive impact on our organization this year.”

Executive Director of Sales, Financial Services Industry

“The meetings with my coach became an opportunity to think, have insights, learn leadership tricks and reflect on what my leadership style was and, more importantly, how it should evolve and develop. We discussed, for example, the concept of intervention and when is the right timing for a leader to step in. How to perceive the potential of subordinates and how to get them to achieve that potential? What are the absolute qualifications to being a true leader and What are my beliefs on leadership? How can I add and improve those beliefs? How to deal with complex situations, including careful analysis, determining resources and developing an action plan to come to solutions. All of these discussion topics forced me to first think about what my current opinions are – what did I think about those topics? Did I think about those topics? And then, through discussion with my coach, I was able to have insights, enhance my appreciation and better hone and refine my own views. And best of all, because I am actively leading a team of leaders, I was able to immediately take the learnings from my session and apply them in my daily leadership life. I am now a better leader as a result of this program and am very thankful for the opportunity that was provided.”

Director of Quality Assurance, Tech Industry

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